What is BrandPlus Token?

What is BrandPlus Token?

The main token of the BrandPlus Platform is BrandPlus (BRNP). Brands that do not choose to launch their own token will be able to use the BrandPlus (BRNP) token as a loyalty token. In addition, consumers will be able to exchange tokens of other brands through the BrandPlus Swap. In this way, tokens given for reward or loyalty purposes will turn into assets that can be used independently of location and brand. The architect of BrandPlus Token is TokenFab.

Market Reach image of BRP

Market Reach

The BrandPlus (BRNP) token aims to reach 3% of the loyalty market only (around $ 100M) in the first year and to reach 10% of the market (about $ 700M) in the following years. Other usage purposes are not included in these amounts and it is estimated that the market will grow even more.


Among the steps of the platform in the near future are creating its own swap, having an application that can be used for various purposes, providing various opportunities to consumers and brands, ensuring its validity worldwide and establishing the BrandPlus decentralized loyalty exchange, where the tokens of the brands are bought and sold after having the necessary distribution.

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