What is BrandPlus Platform?

What is BrandPlus Platform?

BrandPlus is a platform that produces turnkey solutions for all brands around the world to easily generate their own tokens on the blockchain. Also branding, marketing and community solutions.

BrandPlus Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Blockchain Solutions For All Brands

BrandPlus offers an ideal solution to increase the use of blockchain technology in world trade and to spread the opportunities it offers to a wider audience. The BrandPlus Platform, which offers turnkey solutions to brands that want to issue their own tokens, also offers software, branding, marketing and community management services, one of the biggest problems in the industry.

Brands will be able to use the tokens they produce in loyalty programs to increase customer loyalty, as well as distribute them as rewards to consumers who benefit them for various purposes.

Worldwide Brands

According to Nielsen Media Research, it is estimated that there are over 500.000 brands in 2.000 different categories around the world. These brands serve the majority of the world's population on 7 continents. For this reason, BrandPlus Platform's target audience and potential market can reach up to 500.000 brands as B2B, and in B2C, it is the majority of the world population. The size of loyalty programs worldwide is estimated at $ 1.931B in 2016 and $ 2.47B in 2019. In 2023, the size of the market is projected to be $ 6.955B.

Global Coverage

> 500.000 Brands

7 Continents

Projected Market Size: $ 6.955B

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