The BRNP vesting schedule will be as follows. For your questions, you can reach us at, our telegram group or our social media accounts.

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Public Sale

All tokens sold with Public Sale Rounds and ICO / IDO / IEO will be unlocked equally every 3 months from the end of the ICO / IDO / IEO in one year.

Locked Part

The following tokens will remain locked for 1 year from the end of the ICO / IDO / IEO. This part will be unlocked every 3 months for 36 months, starting 1 year after the ICO / IDO / IEO. 795.000.000 BRNP will be opened every 3 months.

Partnerships and Community Development 2.650.000.000 BRNP
Advertising and Marketing Activities 2.915.000.000 BRNP
IT system development, Software and R&D 1.855.000.000 BRNP
Founders and the Team 1.855.000.000 BRNP
Total BRNP

0-2 Years 1.987.500.000 BRNP
2-4 Years 993.750.000 BRNP
4-6 Years 496.875.000 BRNP
6-8 Years 248.437.500 BRNP
8-10 Years 124.218.750 BRNP
10-12 Years 62.109.375 BRNP

Liquidity Pool

Total Liquidity pool size is 3.975.000.000 BRNP. The table of BRNP tokens that will be distributed daily to Liquidity miners is below.

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