BrandPlus Mobile App

BrandPlus Mobile App

We developed the BrandPlus Mobile App so that brands can easily make purchases by their customers and earn valuable and limited tokens for loyalty points or rewards. It is possible to swap, use farming and staking features in the application prepared using the blockchain infrastructure. The BrandPlus application also allows brands to offer token award-winning video ads, campaigns, contests and games to reach their target audience.

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Advantages of BrandPlus Application

For Users

  • All physical loyalty cards and points given by brands are collected in one application.
  • Limited number of valued loyalty points
  • Points exchangeable for various tokens or coins
  • Easy token wallet management
  • Staking/Farming Advantages
  • Easy payment options
  • Activities to earn tokens continuously

For Brands

  • Easy management pages
  • Wide statistical possibilities
  • Creative Campaign Opportunities
  • Video Ad Choices
  • Market Research Options
  • Gamification 
  • Task Lists
  • Easy Payment Systems Integration
  • Special solutions for e-commerce

All in one Application

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