This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • December 2021

    Public Sale Round 1

  • Jan 2022

    Public Sale Round 2

  • Feb 2022

    ICO / IDO / IEO

  • March 2022

    BrandPlus swap & liquidity

    pools will be activated

  • April 2022

    Marketing team publishes the names

    of contracted companies

  • May 2022

    V1 release of BrandPlus Mobile App

    with Swap functionality

  • June 2022

    Tokens of New Contracted Brand

    will be listed on BrandPlus Swap

  • July 2022

    V2 Release of

    BrandPlus Mobile App

  • August 2022

    Listing BRNP on one

    of the central exchanges

  • Sep 2022

    V3 Release of BrandPlus Mobile App

    with e-commerce payment functionality

  • October 2022

    BrandPlus Magento,Presta etc.

    plugin releases

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