Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions

Solution: BrandPlus Platform produces services in the field of branding, digital transformation and blockchain with its experienced and well-known engineers, brand consultants and marketing professionals, and provides turnkey solutions.

Solution: It is obvious that it will be a more significant and reputable work for companies to give their customers a limited number of brand tokens, which are a more valuable asset, as reward or loyalty points. Instead of multiple physical cards and points that are not valid for each other, a large number of digital cards that can be carried in a single mobile wallet and loyalty tokens valid in different brands will be the solution to this problem.

Solution:BrandPlus encrypts customer information with high security algorithms in accordance with GDPR and writes the evidence to the blockchain and fulfills the liability of companies to their customers.

Solution:  Brands will be able to give their own tokens or BrandPlus tokens to their customers at the end of the shopping or if they give feedback.

Solution: BrandPlus offers professional services for companies thanks to its wide business network and advanced blockchain platform.

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